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Poster Face by FirebendingAngelXD Poster Face :iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 3 21
The road trailed away into the distance, winding this way and that until it swerved to the left, disappearing from vision altogether. To one side lay a muddy scrap of forest, and to the other a huge field that wore a cloak of parched, uneven grass. She had told me not to expect an idyllic countryside scene, but somehow it was proving difficult to reconcile this rundown patch of land with the image my mind had put together.
That evening the air was thick with heat, a sultry blanket reverberating with the drone of countryside insects and wrapping itself tightly around every living creature it could find. The colours of the sky had bled into one another to form a messy canvas awash with milky yellows and soft reds as we drew closer and closer to nightfall. Even our hair was damp with perspiration. Stopping to take a breath and wipe the thin film of sweat from my forehead, I turned my head to watch her. Her eyes were narrower than usual, and from the rigid way in which she was holding hers
:iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 0 16
'Found' prose
The dead still make demands. Hidden, they watch the changes that creep over us in their absence, and darting through our deeply eroded recollections of them, whisper to us with a silent voice. We may try to build pictures of them so as not to forget; scooping pieces of memory from the mines of rough material buried in our hearts. The only things we can find are superficial. Images of hands weaving flat wicker baskets, the rustle of hair against clothes, a fleeting expression in a pair of eyes. Breathless, we cling to the images and embellish them as best we can, all the while turning the dead into something they were not.
:iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 4 5
New ID by FirebendingAngelXD New ID :iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 0 1 Deviant ID by FirebendingAngelXD Deviant ID :iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 0 11 Nyozeka sketch by FirebendingAngelXD Nyozeka sketch :iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 2 5 Aizen and Hinamori by FirebendingAngelXD Aizen and Hinamori :iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 35 7 Hitsugaya sketch by FirebendingAngelXD Hitsugaya sketch :iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 4 7 Desktop Screenshot by FirebendingAngelXD Desktop Screenshot :iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 0 12 Taang: I Need You by FirebendingAngelXD Taang: I Need You :iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 7 1 Alter-Ego by FirebendingAngelXD Alter-Ego :iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 5 4
The End of Avatar
The battle was over; the field was littered with thousands of small bundles and the tattered flags of the defeated armies fluttered wearily in the wind.
Through the hazy fog that had descended on the battlefield, a tired figure gradually appeared, a broken glider clutched in his left hand, strewn with scorch marks. His grey eyes drifted over the corpses strewn around his feet as he searched, aimlessly, for any sign of his friends.
Suddenly, with a moan, he sank to the floor, his hands clasped around those of Toph Bei Fong, whose face was horrifically disfigured by a red burn. Tears seeped from the young Avatar’s eyes. It must have been an airborne attack.
Gently letting her hands fall, Aang moved on to a group of blue-clad bodies, discarded weapons strewn around the still forms of the Water Tribe warriors. His heart sank in confirmation as he stepped over the body of Sokka, one hand still firmly grasping the silver boomerang that had been so precious to him.
“I’m sorry,
:iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 4 5
CRoD haikus.....
As his pale hands touch
The scar that shapes his future
Tears run down her face.
They wait together
Illuminated by the
glowing green crystal.
A phial of water
From faraway oasis
Of North Pole spirits
sparkles in her hand.
She alone could relieve him
From his father's scar.
She is the white Yang
Swirling round her black partner
Forever perfect.
He is the dark Yin
Shrouded in mystery, who
Wants his honour back.
:iconfirebendingangelxd:FirebendingAngelXD 2 1

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Fun during Fushigi Yugi
Tired of trying to get your non anime friends to watch Fushigi Yugi? Or just trying to get an anime buddy to watch it so they'll know what the hell you're talking about?  (ha ha *points to self* I was the anime buddy that hadn't seen it yet ^^; )
Well, when you finally get them to sit down and watch it, to ensure they're paying attention (I kept calling Tasuki Tamahome >>; ) play a game of some sort.
A game you ask?  Where can a game be found to play during Fushigi Yugi? Look no further!!
I have here for you, The Fushigi Yugi drinking game!
Of coarse, since most of you are underage, alcholhol is just plain BAD, and if you were to use some form of it for this particular game, by the end you'd either have brain damage or be dead.
so PLEASE...drink milk, or water, or Mountain Dew.  And then go run a mile afterwards since you'll be so hyped up on all that sugar.  ON TO THE LIST!
Take a sip whenever:
1. Hotohori does something girly.
2. Nuriko coo's o
:iconanimedex:AnimeDex 22 14
L and a Alice 19th manga by Suguru-kun L and a Alice 19th manga :iconsuguru-kun:Suguru-kun 1 10 Uncertain Alice by Kibo Uncertain Alice :iconkibo:Kibo 16 6 alice 19th by dream4theday alice 19th :icondream4theday:dream4theday 36 5 Yuu Watase by Raei-Kugyo Yuu Watase :iconraei-kugyo:Raei-Kugyo 3 2 Stamp: Yuu Watase by zoro4me3 Stamp: Yuu Watase :iconzoro4me3:zoro4me3 111 24
I love to see you scream, I hear you scream
My name as you collapse onto the floor.
Seeing you holding onto broken dreams
Will only make me want to pain you more.
Crouching over the corpse you shake me hard
By my shoulders. I see the tears you shed.
Poor Hinamori, it's cold in the yard,
For your beloved Captain Aizen's dead.
Or so you thought. Tell me, how did it feel
When the steel blade of mine plunged through your chest?
Hinamori, tell me, how did it feel,
Being betrayed so cruelly, like the rest.
You pathetic pawn in this game of fate
Look where your loyalty got you. My dear,
Shiro-kun won't come. With heart full of hate,
You'll try so hard to despise me, I'll sneer!
I have always watched you fron a distance
Sometimes staying and comforting you through
Darkness. With joy you followed my guidance-
You didn't think it was an act, did you?
You didn't get to see me when I left
No matter, we'll be reunited again.
I'll take you by force, be accused of theft,
You will be m
:iconmathematicprincess:mathematicprincess 2 17
Zutara-Cupid's Arrows by happyzuko Zutara-Cupid's Arrows :iconhappyzuko:happyzuko 42 8



loves The Velveteen Rabbit <3
United Kingdom
Anime-manga otaku, likes shojo in particular but is crazy about Death Note and a few other exceptions. :D

My latest addiction is NANA :boogie:

Favourite genre of music: Pop or J-Pop
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga *that one was obvious*
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano 1G
Favourite cartoon character: Does anime count as cartoons? If not, then Jane from 'Daria'.
Has anyone else been following the news coverage of the mining crisis in Chile? If you have, you'll probably be rejoicing with me this morning because they've finally started rescuing the miners via capsule! I woke up at 4 this morning to watch the first man, Florencio Avalos, be taken out and reunited with his family. It was a beautiful moment when they brought the capsule up out of the earth and then his children saw him and started to cry, and the president of Chile was there to give him a hug. This event has been a brilliant display of human resilience and ingenuity, and I'm thrilled for all the miners.


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